Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the minimum order 500 litres, why can I not just order 200 litres?

A. The minimum that can be delivered is 500ltrs. This is due to truck calibration and is a legal requirement.


Q. Is heating oil safe to use?

A. Yes domestic heating oil is very safe. It is considered the safest type of heat, it warms your home quickly, safely and cost effectively.


Q. Do I need to be present when the delivery is being made?

A. No. As long as the driver can access the tank you do not need to be present.


Q. Is there a best time of year to purchase heating oil?

A. It is always best to fill your tank before the heating season begins. When the season begins delivery times may be delayed due to high supply and demand.


Q. I have just moved into a property with oil heating, how much oil should I purchase?

A. You can have your tank filled or you may want to budget a certain amount of money. However the minimum order is 500litres.


Q. Where is my delivery?

A. The order confirmation provides you with the latest date that your order will be delivered. Please be aware this is an estimated very busy periods of high demand there may be a delay however the supplier always will aim to deliver on time.


Q. Can a delivery be made by a smaller tanker?

A. Yes we have access to smaller vehicles. Please note you only need to select the small vehicle if for example you have a miniature dust cart to collect your waste.


Q. How do I pay for my fuel?

A. You can pay for your fuel by Debit & Credit cards (VISA - MASTERCARD) also we can take bacs payment as well, call for details..


Q. Why have I been sent an invoice when I have already paid for the fuel?

A. This is an RDCO requirement. An invoice must be produced for all suppliers’ delivery.


Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. You can cancel the order before the delivery has begun, you must e-mail or ASAP.

   A refund will then go back onto the card of which payment was made. Please allow time for the refund to show back onto your bank account.